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The BA Components Factory

Established in 1990 and operating from Cookstown in Co. Tyrone “BA Components” has grown steadily to become one of the major manufacturers of kitchen and bedroom doors and accessories in the UK and Irish furniture components industry.BA is the UK’s largest door producer supplying made-to-measure doors along with the largest range of matching accessories, handles, lighting and storage available in the market today.


The products are marketed under the brand names "Bella and Zurfiz by BA" offering a wide choice of seven ranges from Bella's Timeless Classics to the beautiful Zurfiz Fantasy range.

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Why BA?

It's vitally important the materials used, the production processes employed and the design applied are of a standard to produce the best possible end product. All doors and accessories manufactured by BA Components are produced in one of the most advanced factories in this industry today. Using expertise and procedures developed and perfected since the Company's inception twenty years ago BA produce every item to the very highest quality standard. This pursuit of quality and an awareness of the ecological issues around the furniture industry have influenced the processes applied in of BA’s manufacturing systems.


The entire production complex and store is temperature controlled 24 hours a day every day of the year by an eco friendly heating system fuelled using the company's wood waste. Control of the humidity in the stores and factory ensures consistency in the quality of BA’s raw materials brought into production. This is key to efficiency in production and therefore the quality of the end products.

BA regularly tests and monitors the quality and reliability of both current and new products and materials. The installation of a calibrated test oven enables BA to carry out routine internal evaluation of product to FIRA regulations using British Standard Test Method Part B: Adhesion Performance BS 6222 Part 3 1999, involving exposure of samples to rigorous temperature profiles.

BA’s strategic approach to achieve, sustain and improve quality ensures highly reliable products in the market place. This demonstrates and provides assurance to all customers of BA’s continuous commitment and focus on product quality.

For orders placed from Feburary 2014 BA have doubled the guarantee period to offer a 6 year guarantee against manufacturing faults.

Member of FIRA


From BA’s purpose built factory, the use of state of the art CNC and robotic processing machinery allows BA to produce consistently high quality products. This process was designed in association with 5 European machinery manufacturers and based on BA’s own concept designs. There are now 5 twin head CNC routers working on the first stage of the process, creating the designs on colour matched board. Advanced internal software uses an optimising system to plan production efficiently based on colour batches and this information is sent directly to the hard drive of each router. The production process for the Zurfiz doors uses the latest CNC edge banding lines which have been specifically designed to edge high gloss and acrylic materials. The PUR (Poly Urethane Reactive) gluing system applies a high heat & water resistent glue line. The high precision trimming, polishing & buffing units leave a perfect edge time after time.

The production process for Bella doors and accessories has 3 pressing lines, two of which are fully automated robotic gluing, pressing and trimming lines which are the most advanced of their kind in the world.

Final inspection is a crucial part of the process to ensure that all products leave our factory in a first class condition.


All Zurfiz, Bella and Pronto components carry a guarantee of 6 years from date of invoice, against defects in materials only. Doors should be cleaned only with a damp cloth, applying the minimum amount of moisture to components as possible, or approved polish (never use any cleaning materials containing solvents).High Gloss Doors should be allowed to cure for seven days after removing the protective film.

Doors situated below a sink, or covering a dishwasher/washing machine are not covered, unless the damage is anything other than excessive water contact.Components placed near heat sources such as ovens, radiators, grills, boiling kettles, toasters etc, are not covered by the guarantee unless protected by suitable heat strips, and a suitable gap left for heat escape.

BA doors conform to FIRA standard of 1mm bow over a 600mm length if measured when the doors are acclimatised for a period of 96 hours to a temperature of 18-25oC.

In the unlikely event that the original colour has been discontinued, the nearest possible alternative will be offered. Any damage reported to us will be dealt with efficiently and swiftly, and any replacement will be at our discretion.

BA Components accept no liability for any consequential loss, costs or re-fitting charges.

The Guarantee covers the replacement of wood components only.

All non wood components carry a one year guarantee.

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