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Measuring Advice

You only need to supply approximate sizes for a quotation.

Door and drawer sizes

For accuracy always measure the back of the door using a steel rule. Measure at least twice and ideally get someone to check your measurements. Take care not to mix up heights and widths.

Count the total number of doors and drawers to check that you have not missed any.

Doors left or right hand hung?

When the cupboard door is fitted to the unit if the hinges are on the right hand side it is a right hand hung door if they are on the left hand side it is a left hand hung door.

35mm Factory Drilled hinge holes

We do not need this information to provide you with a quote but on all supply only orders we highly recommend this option because factory drilled hinge holes make fitting easier and faster.

Hinge positions on kitchen doors


Measure the height in several places, we usually allow for a 5mm gap at the top of the plinth. Measure the length required and add an extra 20% to allow for wastage.

Cornice and Pelmet

Measure the length required and add 20-30% to allow for wastage, particularly if you have lots of corners to cut.


For base units it is often best to oversize panels and cut down to fit under worktops onsite, for wall unit panels order exact sizes unless walls are out of square.

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